Ali Cengiz, GM of ETI Copper visits SWES

Release time:2018-01-26 view number: 3789


On Jan 24, Ali Cengiz, director and GM; and Yilmaz Sara, Manager of the Investment Department and chief engineer of ETI Copper a subsidiary under CENGIZ Group, Turkey, visited Shenwu Energy Saving Co.,Ltd, both sides had deep discussions on promoting copper smelting slag and comprehensive utilization of red mud project.





Founded in 1987, CENGIZ Group has 35 enterprises and branches under its name, covering a variety fields including large-scale infrastructure, energy, and mining, etc. ETI Copper Company is the only subsidiary which produces cathode copper and owns bauxite. Currently, the stock of copper smelting slag reached 7 million tons, with an annual increase of 400,000 tons, facing the dilemma of the inability of effective treatment, which cause serious environmental pollution and resources waste, and thus advanced solid waste treatment technology is in urgent need of development for tackling such problem. 


In terms of the actual needs of the exchanging party, direct reduction clean smelting technology with regenerative rotary hearth furnace developed by Shenwu Energy Saving (SRF) has unique advantages in iron and steel treatment, non-ferrous solid waste, providing technological foundations for the smooth promotion of the cooperative project.


At present, the technology has already been applied to projects such as “Shagang comprehensive treatment of 300 KTPA solid waste and recycling use of resources”, “Jinchuan comprehensive utilization of 800 KTPA of copper tail slag” with excellent achievements; the technology has been accredited by the sci-tech achievements appraisal by The Chinese Society for Metals (CSM), China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association (CNIA), China Association of Circular Economy (CACE), with the result of “reaching the international leading level”, it has also won the 1st prize of 2014 sci-tech advancement of China Green Manufacturing, as well as 2017 sci-tech achievements of CACE. 


GM Lei Hua pointed out at the exchange meeting that, China has close economic relationship with Turkey, Shenwu Energy Saving is willing to make joint efforts with ETI Copper Company in promoting comprehensive utilization of copper smelting slag and red mud project in hope of realizing mutual benefit and win-win result as soon as possible. Such demonstration project would provide guidance in the upgrading and transformation of industries related to iron and steel, non-ferrous ores and solid waste treatment, so as to make contributions to the course of energy-saving & low carbon, and environmental protection in countries along the Belt and Road Initiative and even the whole world.